Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Did my water just break?

So, it is Tuesday morning, and I swore Mark to secrecy about the events of our weekend. Mostly because I don't want his family to pass around stories about how I am silly, or make fun of us. But here it is.
Saturday was going by nicely until around 5:00pm. I started feeling incredibly nauseous and overall stinky. Around 8:30 the puking started. Those of you who have been pregnant will understand, that not only do you have to pee all the time, but things like puking and sneezing can cause involuntary peeing. Well, as I threw up I pee'd my pants. Sadly something I was not at all surprised about. After I had thought I had pee'd my last possible pees, and puked my last possible pukes, I found myself again at the toilet. As I puked a huge gush of liquid soaked my pajama's. I was especially surprised because I had just gone to the bathroom. In the midst of all this Mark had come home, and had to leave for his job cleaning at the Provo Temple. On the way, he had called my parents and asked them to keep in touch with me, to make sure I was okay. So, I start having cramps in my abdomen and then I start wondering if my water had just broken. I talked to my parents about it, and they weren't sure. I googled it, to see if it was even possible. And then I tried to decided what to do about it. So I laid down, and waited for Mark to get home, deciding he would help me to know what to do. My main concern at this point was I didn't know if I had actually broken my water or just pee'd my pants. So we call the doctor on call, he says to go in and get checked. So we do. We go to the hospital at around 3:00am. I am still puking and doing terrible. After a serious of test (many uncomfortable). They found out my water didn't break. Good news! During this time period, we got to see ultrasounds of our beautiful baby, and let me tell you, he has the face of an angel! Also, we got to hear his heart beat. Which surprisingly got faster every time I threw up. . .Who knew? Then they told me I was very dehydrated, gave me some nausea meds and fluids through and IV. and around 5:30 we went home. Poor Mark, worked until about 1:30am before we went to the hospital and then he worked at 11:00 at T-mobile for a special weekend sale they were having. I slept all day. Seriously. I also still slept though the night.

Lessons learned from this experience are: I need to have a bag packed in case my water does really break.
Also, Mark is the best husband in the world, and the labor and delivery people are soo nice. I mean they were incredibly nice, and didn't even make fun of me for coming in. What nice people.
Lastly, I am not ready to have our baby yet. Besides the obvious things, like how we need to get a car seat. I feel like I want to get other things in order as well.

I guess that is all. That is my story of humiliation, and joy.


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