Wednesday, January 23, 2013

When Samuel was Born

Sometimes things can take a while for us to process. I have yet to write down my sweet baby boy's birth story from my perspective, and I think that now it is time.

2.24.2012 It was Friday. My dues date was only a few days away and  I thought I was having contractions. At least I thought maybe I was. They went on for a few hours and then they stopped. This made me happy and sad at the same time. I was afraid that they were going to have to induce labor for me because my blood pressure had been high. I can't say that I wasn't okay with having labor induced I just knew things would be better if they happened naturally. I also knew that even though my due date hadn't changed that March 6ish was a better estimation for what probably should have been my due date according to ultrasounds and my estimations. I was tired. My body was aching, so at that point I still had hope that things would progress.
2.27.2012 I went into the Dr's office. They did a NST, and then sent me over to see the Dr. my blood pressure was very high when they checked me first when I went to meet with the dr. so they told me that they wanted to check again in the good old fashioned way at the end of my appointment, because sometimes the machines can read high. So there we were and after a check or my dilation and a quick visit with the Dr. she sent us on our way. I reminded her she wanted to check my blood pressure, so the nurse came over, and read my pressure even higher than when I came in. The Dr. said she would like to have me monitored further and sent us to the hospital. On the way over we called my parents, who were planning on coming down the next day. It turned out that due to the inspiration of my father, my parents had left the day before, and would be arriving in a couple hours! So we went to the hospital, just walking upstairs had me reeling. At that point, I was on bed rest and I could just feel my blood pressure rise when I wasn't laying down. The hooked me up to all kinds of monitors, the nurses were very nice, and the baby and I seemed to be doing well. The Dr. came in to talk to us, and he said that usually when a mother came in so close to her due date, and she was having high blood pressure like I was, that they didn't send her away, but induced her labor. I had felt that this would end up being the case and so they decided that they would induce my labor the next morning. So, I had a lovely hospital dinner, and they gave me some medicine that was supposed to help me get ready to be induced. It supposedly would help to soften my cervix so it would dilate better (or something). Mark and I visited for a while, and my parents arrived. We visited for a bit, and I asked if Mark and my dad would give me a blessing. They did. It was a very special blessing. I decided I would get some sleep, and I was trying to rest. When Bam! I started having contractions. They came on fast and strong. I was having these contractions that would double up. So two fast contractions, and then about a minute-2 minutes later another one. They hurt really bad. Mark kept telling me to breathe, which irritated me. We instead switched to him counting while I took slow breaths. The contractions got more tiring, and painful, but I didn't want to have an epidural of any kind until I was at least 2 cm. I don't know how long this went on, but it was hard, and I cried. I didn't expect the contractions to come so fast, and close! They were coming now at least every minute. It was hurting quite bad, and I had been checked and was only dilated about 1.5 cm. Then during one particularly painful contraction, I felt this pop. My water had broken!! During each contraction, more water just gushed! I decided to go to the bathroom to get cleaned up a bit, and I had another contraction on the way and more water gushed out! It was a mess! Finally I got back to the bed. I started shaking, I was in so much pain during the contractions, and now they felt so much more intense. So, I told them, as soon as I am at 2 cm, I'll take the epidural.
Lucky for me the next time they checked I was at 2! So they sent for the anesthesiologist. He came in and was very nice. He got me all ready, and while he was putting in the epidural, it made me jump a little (despite his warning). I had a terrible contraction then. They came in to get me all hooked back up to the monitors and they couldn't find the baby's heartbeat. Then they did find it, and he was in distress. His heart rate was so low. My heart rate dropped so much, they gave me a shot of adrenaline  Everyone said everything was okay, and then there were two nurses, three, four. Two doctors came in, and the anesthesiologist  I didn't know what was going on. It was scarry, and nobody was talking to me. The anesthesiologist comforted me and then they told me I was having a c-section. Before I knew it I was being wheeled away. They got me set-up (I was very out of it). They asked me if I could feel anything, and I said a little bit, and they pushed some more medicine, and literally seconds later, they held up my baby boy and whisked him away. Mark had walked in the room literally seconds before they delivered him. Mark and the baby were both gone. I was scared. For some reason, the epidural had gone up to my chest, and it felt hard to breath. I vomited a bit. I got wheeled into a different room soon after, and I cried. I was shaking so bad, my body was totally in shock. Finally Mark came in and saw me. He told me the baby was doing great, and I didn't want him to leave my side. I started shaking less, and I started breathing more strongly, and honestly I don't know how long we were in that room, because soon after they wheeled us down to our recovery room. It was so overwhelming, I didn't really know how to feel. My parents actually got to the room even before I had held the baby, so we asked them to leave, and they brought Samuel in. We named him then. I had so many mixed emotions, but one thing was for sure, he was perfect, and an angel! To be honest I was fairly out of it the rest of that day. Mark's parents came, my parents came. It was quite a day. Actually he was born on the 28th. 5lbs 15 oz and 18 inches long.

Mark was my saving grace. Everything had been so scary for me, it took a little bit to recover emotionally for me. Mark was right by my side. Samuel was so handsome. He and I spent quite a bit of time together in the hospital, as I was recovering.

That is my birth story.

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