Sunday, July 31, 2016

Being a Mom like me.

I haven't blogged in quite some time. And I have decided to morph my old thoughts on life blog, to be my new and improved Mom blog. 

Some one told me that having a child with special needs, you would lose friends, and your might even lose family support. It is hard and crazy difficult having a child with special need. It is also rewarding and celebratory around our house, but even so,  I have found the above statement to be true. People are swift to judge in this crazy world that we live in. Parents attitudes are all to soon reflected by their children. "We don't want to play with him", "Go Away!" These comments from children pain me as well as my child. When someone calls my child a bully after he acts in a way that he doesn't even fully understand, I think, now that is mean, and it is intentionally mean. Why is it okay for a child that say to my son, even though he spilled your bubbles? I take my child aside and try to explain to him why what he did was wrong, and then have him apologize. Why doesn't your mom step in and teach you something about being understanding and kind?

So here is a place that I am going to make a refuge for myself and maybe I can help you along the way too.

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