Monday, May 2, 2011

"the manner of happiness"

I attended a wedding luncheon on Saturday, and the mother of one of the bridal party mentioned a study that was done where a person was put in an MRI and their stress recpetors were tested. People who did the test alone had 6 of our 8 stress receptors fire. People who had a nurse hold their hand had 4, but people who had their spouse hold their hand only had two of those stress receptors fire. These numbers may be off a little bit, due to the dustyness of my memory, but I just felt so grateful having Mark sit next to me thinking of how he has really helped me to stay calm amid craziness.

I am truly excited for our marriage, and also our wedding. In the mean time there is a lot to do and plan, but how bad could it be?? I have Mark to hold my hand.

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